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Monday 8th April-Thursday 11th April  |   10-12:30  |   For Primary School Children

Come and enjoy a fun-filled adventure in a land of castles, knights, and dragons! Enjoy games, crafts, stories, drama, songs and silliness and learn more about Jesus Christ!

Youth & Children: Welcome




Who?  Children aged 4-10

When?  Sunday mornings from 10:30am

What?  After family worship with the main congregation we move upstairs where in groups we look at bible stories, play games & quizzes, as well as various crafts which all equals LOTS of fun!!

Why not bring your whole family and

enjoy the morning church service together?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we wanted to provide our children with a way to continue learning about and celebrating Jesus even if they couldn't meet in person, so COSMIC At Home began.  We recorded a video and a worksheet for the children to do at home.  You can find the videos here.

For the accompanying worksheets, please contact us.


At TKC we're passionate about providing young people with a space to learn about and grow in relationship with Jesus.  

Fuel is held on Sunday mornings from 10:30am.  During the worship service, the young people move out to groups where they can study the Bible and learn more about God, and what it means to follow him, in a way which is tailored for their ages. 

Older Fuel is aimed at those in school years 9-13 and runs every other week.

Younger Fuel is aimed at those in school years 6-8 and runs every week.

Teenagers in Park
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An evening for young people

every Friday 7-9pm (during term time)

for those in school years 7-11.

Games, activities, food & drink and a whole lot more!

Free entry.  You might want to bring money for The Link Café where you'll find hot and cold drinks and a variety of sweets, chocolate & snacks.

Youth & Children: What's Happening
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